Slideshows & Fake Lectures 

Concurrent with my work in video art, I did a series of lectures or slideshows that ranged in topic and aim. {I have since realized these slideshows predestined my career in teaching.} In any case, I did these slideshows in art galleries, themed art events and what I will call "literary situations." For some of these instances the event had a title and one could bring in and present anything at all. I decided to take the titles and create scripts based on my own whimsical free association. For all of the imagery in the Powerpoints I used found online images. This was before the common use of Google image search. I would take a buzzword from my script and search for an image tied to this word. Then I would hunt through all the ones that came up and choose the one that would be the most humorous when paired with the subject matter and the initial word. I also did a series of more personal slideshows on various topics. Titles included: My Acne (a slideshow about my bout with severe cystic acne) and Knee Jerk: A History (recounts my history of knee issues that could be traced to family genetics and also includes a reenactment of a high school track mishap). The performance of vulnerability was something I was interested in as a cathartic experience for both myself and the audience. I used Joseph Beuys quote "show your wound" as my mantra. All slideshows and fake lectures are shown below. I have kept the dated web design, poor typography, and small images that were all a sign of the times where glacial load times resulted from the casual dial-up modem. 


My Acne

Tips On Running An Orderly Household: The Big Hole Under My House

Knee Jerk: A History

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How to Get That Old Timey Feeling