Everywhere And All At Once

This series began as an experiment in how three-dimensional seeing could be represented in the flattened plane. I use a mirror in the landscape to join space behind me with the space in front of me. Other artists have used mirrors in their work, but what I do is unique. I join specific landscape features behind me me to those that are in front of me, thereby creating a temporary landscape that exists only in the captured image. Natural spaces – those without overt human corruption–are spaces that fill me with peace and act as an antidote to the man-made world of information overload, noise and disorder. My desire is to show how I experience these spaces but also to comment on how many people interact with them–via a phone screen. The mirror can serve to unify space but it also show how we are sensing these places as visual fragments. For this reason I have been working on a subseries called Fragmented Desert in different southwestern national parks. Each location carries  a specific color treatment to set it apart from the others.