Everywhere And All At Once

This series began with a question - How can I show the expansive space all around me in a single two-dimensional image? After some experiments, I realized I could use a mirror in the landscape to join the space behind me with the space in front of me. The series clicked into place when I joined the horizon line behind me to the one in front of me. In this way, I create a temporary landscape that exists only in the captured image. I use a circular mirror as a reference to the shape of the eyeball and the fact that all images are projected as true circles and then cropped by the camera. Natural spaces – those without overt human corruption – are spaces that fill me with peace and act as an antidote to our man made world of information overload. My desire is to show how I experience these spaces, but also to comment on how many people interact with them–via a phone screen. The mirror can serve to unify space, but it also show how we are sensing these places as visual fragments.